Star Anise

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The Latin name for the Star anise plant is Illicium verum.The fruit of the Star  anise tree looks an eight to twelve pointed star. Star  anise can either be used whole, and removed prior to serving the dish, or finely ground, and added with any other herbs and spices called for in a recipe. Purchase Star  anise, either finely ground, or in its whole form from the grocery store. Whole Star  anise seed pods, which are up to 1 1/4 inches across, can be ground in a coffee grinder, or by using a mortar and pestle.

Our star anise is the best anise in the world which is grown in the northern provinces of Vietnam and Lang Son is the most famous one. 

Moisture: 13,5% max
Admixture: 1% max
No fungus, natural colour
Flower size: 2 cm up (80% min)
Broken: 10 % max
Packing: cartons (net10kg)
Container capacity: 6.5MT/20FT; 16MT/40HQ
Origin: Viet Nam
Port of loading: Hai Phong Port, Viet Nam

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Star Anise