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Produced from the best lychee areas of Vietnam as Thanh Ha, Luc Ngan,  a speciality with geographical indications well-known worldwide. The lychee is grown and protected under VietGAP standard. The crop of lychee is very short: from June to July with its peak season in middle of June.

The product is convenient for ready-to-eat.

Product characteristics:

Sensory characteristic:

+ Appearance:

White meat of lychee

+ Smell:

Typical smell of natural lychee

+ Taste:

Typical like lychee, slightly sweet, not mealy

+ Consistency:

Tender to slightly firm


Physical characteristic:

+ Calibre (pieces per can):


+ Discoloration:

Max 1%

+ Damaged

Max 5%

+ Foreign matter:



Chemical characteristic

+ pH value:


+ Brix:


+ Acidity:



Microbiological values: virtually sterilized, preserved by heat


Other characteristic:

+ Shelf life:

2 years from production date

+ Storage:

At room temperature for unopened, in the refrigerator for opened.

+ Packing:

24 cans/carton

+ Weight:

NW: 565g, DW: 290g

+ Carton size:


+ Loading:

1300 cartons/container

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