Sandwich Sliced Pickles

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Ingredients: Cucumber, water, salt, vinegar, calcium chloride, polysorbate 80, yellow no.5, natural flavor.


Product characteristics:

Sensory characteristic:

+ Appearance:

 Green of fresh cucumber and yellow of color no.5

+ Smell:

 Typical smell of pickled cucumber

+ Taste:

 Typical taste of pickled cucumber

+ Consistency:

 Crispy, plump, no cracked or insect eaten


Physical characteristic:

+ Calibre:

 Thickness: 0.95+/-0.15cm, diameter: 3.8 – 4.5cm, length: 10-11cm

+ Drained weight

 52-55% of net weight

+ Discoloration:

 Max 1%

+ Damaged

 Max 5%

+ Foreign matter:



Chemical characteristic

+ pH value:


+ Brix:


+ Acidity:



Microbiological values: virtually sterilized, preserved by heat


Other characteristic:

+ Shelf life:

 2 years from production date

+ Storage:

 At room temperature for unopened, in the refrigerator for opened.


Packaging available: In glass jar 17oz, 24oz

Logistics information:

+ Glass 17oz (500ml): 12 jars/carton, 2400 cartons/container

+ Glass 24oz (720ml):  12 jars/carton, 1800 cartons/container

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Sandwich Sliced Pickles