Baby corn

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Baby corn is produced from regular corn plants which are harvested early while the ears are very immature, resulting in small ears called “baby corn”. Baby corn is high in folate, a B-vitamin, a good source of several nutrients as potassium, B-6, riboflavin, vitamin C and fiber.

Baby corn: “A flavorful, appealing addition to salads, pasta, soups and other favorite dishes “

Ingredients: Baby corn, water, salt

Product characteristics:

Sensory characteristic:

+ Appearance:

Natural white-yellow

+ Smell:

Typical smell of natural baby corn

+ Taste:

Typical like baby corn, slightly sweet, not mealy

+ Consistency:

Tender to slightly firm


Physical characteristic:

+ Calibre:

Length 7-10cm/piece, +150 pieces/kg

+ Discoloration:

Max 1%

+ Damaged

Max 5%

+ Foreign matter:


Microbiological values: virtually sterilized, preserved by heat

Other characteristic:

+ Shelf life:

2 years from production date

+ Storage:

At room temperature for unopened, in the refrigerator for opened.


Packaging available: Glass jar 370ml; tin can 15oz, 20oz, 30oz, 108oz (A10)

Logistics information:

+ Glass jar 370ml: 12 jars/cartons, 3300 cartons/container

+ Tin 15oz: 24 cans/carton; 1600 cartons/container

+ Tin 20oz: 24 cans/carton, 1350 cartons/container

+ Tin 30oz: 24 cans/carton, 900 cartons/container

+ Tin 108oz: 6 cans/carton, 1080 cartons/container

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Baby corn