Pineapple pieces

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Produced from fresh pineapples in Vietnam with 2 main varieties: Queen & Cayenne. The season of Queen from December until April with peak crop within March to April. The season of Cayenne from May to July with peak crop in June.

The product is convenient for ready-to-eat.

Health Benefits
"Though Fresh Pineapple is best consumed for its nutritional benefits but canned ones are also relished equally”


Ingredients: Pineapples, water, sugar, citric acid

Drained weight: 1840g


Sensory characteristic:

+ Appearance:

Golden-yellow pineapples

+ Smell:

Typical smell of natural pineapples

+ Taste:

Typical like pineapples, slightly sweet, not mealy

+ Consistency:

Slightly firm, virtually free of hard pieces (core)


Physical characteristic:

+ Calibre (pieces per can):


+ Discoloration:

Max 1%

+ Damaged

Max 5%

+ Foreign matter:



Chemical characteristic

+ pH value:


+ Brix:


+ Acidity:



Microbiological values: virtually sterilized, preserved by heat


Other characteristic:

+ Shelf life:

2 years from production date

+ Storage:

At room temperature for unopened, in the refrigerator for opened.


Packaging available: Tin can 20oz, 30oz, 108oz (A10)

Logistics information:

+ Tin 20oz: 24 cans/carton, 1350 cartons/container

+ Tin 30oz: 24 cans/carton, 900 cartons/container

+ Tin 108oz: 6 cans/carton, 1080 cartons/container

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Pineapple pieces